Special Application Lapping Tools

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We maintain an inventory of Standard Tools and often can ship the same day. If you are looking for a tool that is not shown in our Standard Tool List and would like to have us develop and quote a special tool for your application please contact us via phone, fax or through our contact form. Standard tools can often be modified to meet fast delivery requirements. Helical Lap is capable of making tools with special diameters, multiple diameters, extra-long lengths, and various groove designs. Our engineers can design tools to meet and exceed precise tolerance requirements for geometry and surface finishes.

Step Laps:

Multiple diameter internal laps for lapping concentric bores.

Tandem Laps:

Internal laps for lapping in-line bores (same or different diameters).

Long Length Tools:

Internal and external laps, arbors, and lap holders are available in longer than standard lengths.

Adjustable Arbors:

Available with threaded adjusters, eliminating expanders and pullers.

Reverse Tapered Arbors:

Including for lapping blind holes. All available with threaded adjustment.
special-tools-2 special-tools-1

Needle Eye Laps:

ML-0.030 - .032ML-0 .030/.032 (10/PKG)
ML-1.032 - .036ML-1 .032/.036 (10/PKG)
ML-2.036 - .040ML-2 .036/.040 (10/PKG)
ML-3.040 - .046ML-3 .040/.046 (10/PKG)
ML-4.046 - .054ML-4 .046/.054 (10/PKG)
ML-5.054 - .062ML-5 .054/.062 (10/PKG)
ML-6.062 - .070ML-6 .062/.070 (10/PKG)
ML-7.070 - .079ML-7 .070/.079 (10/PKG)
ML-8.079 - .090ML-8 .079/.090 (10/PKG)
ML-9.090 - .104ML-9 .090/.104 (10/PKG)
ML-10.104 - .120ML-10 .104/.120 (10/PKG)
ML-11.120 - .135ML-11 .120/.135 (10/PKG)
ML-12.032 - .250ML-12 .135/.155 (10/PKG)