Cast Iron Hand Lapping Plates

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Cast Iron Lapping Plates are extensively used for accurate hand lapping of ferrous and non-ferrous parts to obtain a perfect surface form & flatness.


All Helical close-grained gray cast iron lap plates are heat treated to relieve internal stresses before being finished.  The plates are heavily ribbed below the top surface for rigidity. The top surfaces of all lap plates have 3×3 mm grooves at a pitch of 25-30 mm. Handles are provided for lifting and handling.

Plates are manufactured in accordance with ISO 8512-1 standards for cast iron surface plates.
Part #DescriptionGradeMaterialFlatness (µ)
200x200LP-P200 x 200 mm Lapping Plate0Heavily Ribbed Cast Iron3.5
450x300LP-G450 x 300 mm Lapping Plate1Heavily Ribbed Cast Iron8
600x450LP-G600 X 450 mm Lapping Plate1Heavily Ribbed Cast Iron10

Hand Lapping